Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hmm. Im so soulful wit it. I hustle hard wit it. I just wanna thank Jesus wit it. Yall know where Im from. Im from the Southside.

Heres some Chicago Deep House Funk All Over Your Face.

Romanthony - Da Change 320 kps
Rhythm Masters - Good Times 128kps
The Backroom Congregation - Sunday Morning 320 kps
Krapulax - Hard Bop 320 kps

Plus** Indo - R U Sleeping (Todd Edwards Mix) 128kps

Thursday, August 20, 2009


In 1997, French House producers Le Knight Club, comprised of Eric Chedeville and Guy Manuel de Homem Christo, founded one of the first and most influential French Touch record labels under the name Crydamoure.

Their first 12" Holiday on Ice/Santa Claus was released in the same year, serving two soulful masterpieces of cringing dreamy funk. For more than a decade, Le Knight Club has been an artistic outlet for disco-oriented de Homem Christo, allowing him to create music that is different from what people expect of Daft Punk.

Le Knight Club - Holiday on Ice [CRYDA 001]

Le Knight Club - Santa Claus [CRYDA 001]

The label has been pivotal in the evolution of French Touch, having introdocued so many new artists, including de Homem Christos younger brother Play Paul and Raw Man (together known as the Buffalo Bunch). Their music is tied very closely to the origins of funk and soul, relying less on distortion and more on bass and rythm.

Their more recent releases, are impressively consistent with their earlier works. "Nymphae Song" is perhaps a French House classic, with similar sampling and drum techniques as seen on "Discovery".

Le Knight Club have released a few remixes over the last year, with no news on any future projects or releases.

Le Knight Club - Nymphae Song [CRYDA 016]
Le Knight Club - Tropicall [CRYDA 015]
Buffalo Bunch - T.I.T.T.S. [CRYDA 006]

Bonus - Le Knight Club Live @ Europe 2 February 16th, 2002 43:01